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The Reel Deal

Top films, documentaries and talks on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum.


The Reel Deal


Curl up on the couch with a hot cuppa and have your eyes opened to a world of empowered, respected pregnancy, birth and postpartum… because it does exist if you look for it.. My top picks of birth videos, documentaries and talks will be rolling out in this space. Let’s get informed ladies!

SIDE NOTE: I planned on calling this Mama Movie Club and then I thought, no, get your partners to watch these and open their eyes too.



Nothing short of miraculous

If you’ve ever felt like your pregnant body was no longer your own, this is worth the watch. A discussion in taking back our bodily autonomy and our wisdom as women.

Wondering when your baby starts learning?


Birth Videos


How do I put this simply? This video changed my life.

When pregnant with my second daughter, and adamant that I was not going through torturous pain again. I got on You Tube and searched for waterbirth. This came up and watching this birth unfold was a bit like my Green Flowers moment. Why were women not aware of this? Watch it. Because the way a child enters this world is not supposed to look like a Hollywood screaming fest.

Magic happens when a woman is in her happy place.

Let’s talk birth

“We’ve forgotten what birth is supposed to be like. And it made me made that so many women were being robbed the opportunity to know themselves and their strength in this fundamental way.” Miranda Ortiz. Listen to this powerful talk highlighting the importance of knowing all your birthing options and finding a care provider you TRULY trust to respect and support you in the biggest occasion of your life.

Why the way a baby is born and how a mother feels about that birth absolutely matter.

“When we interfere with a woman’s ability to birth a baby we may very well be interfering with her ability and confidence to raise that baby.”

A heartfelt talk by Ashley Greenwald Tagash on the importance of woman having power over their own births, because a woman will remember her birth in every detail.

Racism isn’t just a problem now, it is a problem that has long-lasting ramifications on the health of mothers and their children. Another huge reason we need a revolution in pregnancy and birth care.

The role of Melatonin in birth and how we can support it.

Knowing your baby

“Just your intention to listen has already healed.”

Kangaroo Care

The fact that I’m dedicating a whole section in movie club to this concept alone gives you some idea of how passionate I am about (skin-to-skin contact for mums and their newborns. And you should be too. It is the most intuitive thing for any mother to do and is life-saving in its power to help newborns regulate their breathing, body temperature and establish a protective microbiome. Essential for every birth… uncomplicated or not.

Grab the tissues for this incredible story of how skin-to-skin contact saved this mother’s baby.

Fascinating look at the stages babies go through immediately after birth and the effect drugs used during birth might have on your baby.

Informed Caesarean