Mother Earthed
Conscious Compassionate Connected Motherhood

Mother Earthed

Honouring the journey into motherhood. Guidance in grounding yourself as a mother.

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conscious . compassionate . connected motherhood

Welcome beautiful mother. This space is for every woman who has navigated birth, whether she already feels perfectly grounded or is trying to find her way back into her body after what can be a whirlwind experience. It’s a safe space, with no judgement, that is here to celebrate the birth of a mother, tune you into your intuition and support mothering in a way that nourishes and sustains not just the earth and your family but you, first and foremost.

What you will find here…

Birth courses

Postnatal support

Meditation space

Evidence-based holistic health news

Recipes… Coming Soon

If birth still lies ahead of you…

Monday’s Child is where you’ll find everything you need to prepare for a calm, respected, empowering experience that will fortify you for the next season of your life that is motherhood.

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