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Birth stories

Birth Stories

The Birth of Mother Earthed


On May 20th, 2018, I was standing in the shower of our Dubai apartment and found myself visualizing roots reaching from my feet, 35 storeys down to ground level. Water was running down my back, easing another early awakening, and it dawned on me that I finally had an explanation for what the transition to motherhood is like.

Without getting into the brain science and hormonal details, there’s a point in labour where a woman leaves her body, it’s transcendental, it’s magical, it’s cosmic, it’s deeply spiritual. In this space, both she and her body are open in every way. In essence, she’s left this earth. She’s 35 storeys up in the clouds and counting. The thing is though, in this openness every negative experience and fear she’s ever felt can also come flooding out, AND any negative treatment or trauma experienced during that birth can be deeply imprinted for the future. Preferably, however, with the right care, she has an experience that fortifies every part of her being.

And her baby arrives. A sweet, helpless bundle, who needs her with every gram of its being. To most onlookers, this is all an earthly experience, but the reality is that mother and child both still have a journey ahead of them of grounding (for the baby) and regrounding (for the mother). For the baby, while ancient tradition always revered the first 40 days postpartum, we know now that during a baby’s first three months it truly does not see itself as separate from its mother and remains deeply energetically connected to her. For the mother, those ancient traditions recognised that optimal physical healing and hormonal wellbeing required practices, such as bellybinding and closing the bones, specifically designed to close the space within the mother and replenish her with warm, earthy, nourishing, grounding food, as well as revering her in her new role on this earth as mother.

And as I stood there in the shower, sending my own roots, I finally had my answer to something I’d been pondering for years. I had been a HypnoBirthing practitioner since 2015, founding Monday’s Child as my way to improve outcomes (both physically and emotionally) with a positive birth experience, but taking into account my own postpartum experiences, I knew that that was not the end of the birthing experience for mothers. A positive birth did not necessarily make for happy motherhood.I knew that more and more mothers needed help in that grounding experience in a world where the village had gone walkabout.

And so Monday’s Child gave birth to Mother Earthed. While that may seem the wrong way round, it was perfect. As my own mentor, Julia Jones of the Newborn Mothers Collective, says…

When a baby is born, so is a mother, and the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth
— julia Jones, Newborn mothers collective

So, I am here to help you (and your family and friends) find ways to gently nurture yourself and honour you as you re-root yourself on terra firma. I’m certainly not doing it alone and in my travels round the world have found my own village of healers and nurturers who I call on, and it would be an honour to call on them for you if you need it.

Much love,




Colwyn Murphy