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About Colwyn


About Colwyn


Where to begin...

Hello! I am a South African mum of three, married to an Aussie, currently living in Dubai.

Before I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was a journalist. I'm still a journalist in some ways, furiously researching, studying and sourcing information that mothers, women who dream of being mothers and young women should have in their hands. But I'm a storyteller too. I have my own fair share of tales (don't we all), but my work today is all about helping mothers write their own incredible stories that we can sit around the fire and applaud, because they should be revered. 

I became a mum in 2010. My desire to be a mother had been all consuming, so spiralling into depression gradually over that first year was not what I'd envisioned. By some good fortune, I was born with a "heck no, this is not right" switch and turned things around with the help of a naturopath in 2012, and knew I needed to help pull other mothers out with me. I knew that half the battle was changing the way women are experiencing birth. 

After my own incredible HypnoBirth with my second daughter, I trained as a practitioner and founded Monday's Child: HypnoBirthing, Health, Happiness in 2015. 

A year later our son was born, in a beautiful home HypnoBirth. This time it really struck me that while empowered, intuitive birth is crucial in laying the foundation for healthy motherhood, what happens in the early weeks and months postpartum really sets the stage for years to come.  

Birth is not just one big day. It's almost like a portal, not just for your baby, but you as a women. You start that day as one woman and emerge with new layers and emotions. Some people take to it "naturally", others (most) need to be, and should be, gently nurtured as they find their feet... and ground themselves for their new family. And whether it's your first or fifth baby, this care should be unfailing. 

Wanting to support mothers in this awesome evolution, I went on to train as a HypnoMothering consultant and joined the Newborn Mothers Collective as a postpartum professional. I realised that all moms need is someone to help them make sure they're plugged into their intuition and personal power source, all wires connected, fully charged.

And so, in May 2018, Mother Earthed was born. She's ME, she's you, she's every mother who is honoured and supported in finding a way to go forward that is sustainable. Monday's Child, of course, remains a vital part of my work. The two are deeply connected.

much love